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There are many topics, but how can they be translated into stories that are interesting to target groups? Better yet: inspire? This and B2C and B2B is our claim. We support you in formulating the appropriate messages in such a way that they reach the customer and hit the tone that the respective channels require. We know that storytelling must not be an end in itself rather core messages, goals, and success stories, through storytelling will ensure the potential of corporate communication is reached.

We know how to professionally play all the common online and offline formats and how to efficiently link them. We work according to proven journalistic standards. Having a large network of authors and experts specialising in a wide variety of areas allows us to adapt and work on diverse projects from SEO analysis to editing.
Our agency name says it all. We get to the heart of complex topics, from new regulatory requirements in banking to debates on rent index, and fundamental issues of digitisation and ethics.

We are also the right partner for website development. Being able to start the process from ideation to design and then project management and finally going live. The best content can only strive if it is given the appropriate stage.

  • Storytelling conception
  • All common online and offline formats for internal and external use, from tweets to customer magazines
  • Individual SEO texts
  • Proofreadin
  • Translation
  • Personalised communication and ghostwriting
  • Website development in cooperation with fixed partner agencies