We have listened to Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger and therefore know that you are only really good in your "Circle of Competence". That's why we concentrate on our strengths in consulting, content, marketing and design and know about the advantages of a competent network in all other areas. When it comes to digital transformation in companies, the Nunatak Group and twr in Stuttgart are our contact partners, and hauserconsulting in Augsburg is our partner for change, leadership and organisational development.

We discuss the future of work with Work Awesome, we like to produce videos with the 5. Stock and Lang & Lenner. Finally, we cooperate with the two Munich agencies Rückenwind and Die Favoriten on the subject of events. In cooperation with the University of Applied Languages SDI in Munich and its lecturer Harald Henzler, we are socially committed to the education and further training of prospective journalists and communicators.