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Communication Strategy

What is your core brand identity? What is the target audience you want to reach? What are the goals and core messages you want this audience to take away? Are you looking to be seen in niche and specialised communities or show what you stand for nationally and internationally? Who should do all this work?

We will help you to professionalise your communication and marketing. We begin our partnership with clients with a tailor-made workshop on communication strategy and/or brand development. We conduct preliminary interviews with stakeholders, analyse the market and the competition, and evaluate previous activities and existing channels. Many companies have valuable structures which are worthwhile to build on. Our goal is not to remake everything, but to improve the existing in a resourceful manner - and always in a close exchange with you, the client.

The same applies to ongoing support. We see ourselves as sparring partners and enablers. We make sure to put as much knowledge into our client’s organisations as possible because this is how you can achieve the most long-term success.  

  • Workshops on communication strategy and brand development
  • Workshops on the right channel strategy, for example on LinkedIn
  • Workshops and trainings on artificial intelligence in communication
  • Target group analysis and persona concepts
  • Development of core messages
  • Campaign planning for online, offline and cross-media
  • Channel and editorial planning
  • Continuous monitoring as PMO (budget, resource, and time planning)