Who would have thought it: the toilet brush becoming the highlight of the bathroom! This means that another cliché can be put to rest. Because the indispensable cleaning tools don’t have to be ugly, dirty, smelly or unhygienic. SAUBA shows how – and combines quality, function, design
and sustainability. Sensibly and simply. No one in the team had spent so much time thinking about toilet brushes beforehand, and particularly not in a professional capacity. But enthusiastic action soon followed. And guess what: there is so much potential in this small, inconspicuous product! SAUBA has created a toilet brush for a new generation – and we, in turn, created SAUBA’s Instagram campaign. Furthermore, we have been advising SAUBA on search engine optimisation for several months. While technical improvements to the website were on the agenda at the beginning, we are now moving on to content production. And we fill the company
blog with SEO-friendly articles and posts.

Further Projects